Thursday, February 02, 2006

I Have Been Outbid!

On the skirt! And I am crying tears of anger and sadness. Tears of frustration and rage. Tears of...right, I'm not crying. In fact, though I did love the skirt verra much, I'm releaved that I will no longer have the duty of attempting to find something to wear with it. Brown and gold? What? Before being outbid, I was stressing over matching browns, or going completely another way in natural, earth tones that weren't brown, and finding something lovely enough to wear with the skirt that wouldn't overpower it, and...

I have the uncanny ability to focus on the mundane. As you can see.

Since I had earmarked a wee bit of money for the purchase and delivery of the skirt, I have decided to spend them ducats on a small spree at Sephora. My pleas of "Hey, you going to Sephora? Wanna smell something for me?" have been answered (WITHOUT the help of my SLACKER COWORKERS), and I have settled on including a new Philosophy 3-in-1 in my order. Chocolate mint chocolate chip ice cream? Why, don't mind if I do! When I settle on an eyeshadow and eyeliner (I like the pretty colours, she says like an ass) I will make it mine. And then I will compose sonnets and make you read them when it arrives at my house.

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