Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Competitive Reading

When I was in primary school, one thing that I looked forward to every year was the MS Readathon. Did I care that the money raised went towards Multiple Sclerosis research? Hell no. But a sport for your brain? Ohhhh, yeah.

Every time I looked at the book log put out by the MS Society to aid in that year's Readathon tally, I scoffed, SCOFFED at it. 20 books? Ha!

Even when I was young, I was a voracious reader. And when you read to live, you learn to read fast, so you can digest an incredible story and move on to feast on the next. And, not to brag, I was a pretty advanced reader, swallowing novels whole while my classmates were walking about with Mr Mugs.

Mugs Scores, indeed.

PS: The only thing that comes close to Competitive Reading is Competive Eating. If only for the gross-out factor.

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Drew said...

Holy crap, I completely forgot about doing that in grade school. I always did feel superior to the plebeians who would only read 10 or so books and think they had accomplished something. Silly amateurs.