Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today, I had Cotton Balls Taped to my Inner Elbows

Warning: this is a follow-up injury blog post.

So why with the cotton balls? Because all the cool kids are doing it. Or because I decided to multitask while waiting for my clicky wrist examination appointment and pop into the lab next door to get blood drawn for my dermatologist, who wants to make sure that my liver doesn't turn to stone while I'm on the meds that he prescribed.

I haven't had blood drawn in a bargazillion years, and I must admit that I'm a wee bit fascinated with seeing vials filled with the stuff. Especially when my body decides to act up and make the lab tech work to get that crap into the vial.

Today I learned that the veins in the dominant side of your body are much more likely to give it up without complaint. The non-dominant? Not so much. "Tell me why!" they demand, "Convince me to fill up that vial, lady!"

And so, both inner elbows are now sporting lovely bruises. And, apparently, a small allergic skin reaction to the tape that held the cotton balls in place? That's right, freaking medical tape. I need to stop being surprised by these things, I really do.

In maraca-wrist news, my hand is not likely to fall off of my arm. And the clicking will likely subside when the swelling completely dies down. Likely - you know what that means. I'll let you know when my hand falls off. I'm thinking about replacing it with a chainsaw. Do you think that would be a good look for me?

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Anonymous said...

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