Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Winter is the New Spring

At least, that's what the roofing company that my condo board contracted to work on our complex is trying to tell me. Thing is, it really is still winter, as evidenced by the sub-zero temperatures that returned after a brief warm spell the week before, when they optimisically started the work.

Yesterday, I was greeted by the vision of a roofing crew, dressed in a bargazillion layers against the cold, running about my roof like the racoons from the ravine below my building do. Racoon roofers! Dude.

In addition to shingling, they also began the process of installing new skylights in my unit. New skylights = excellent. The crap that has been falling down onto the tarps I've had to throw down on the floor? Not so much. Especially since both skylights are located in my masterbedroom. And I hate having to clean building materials up before I can fall into bed. Because building materials? Not my ideal sleeping companion.

But the work is done! And the skylights are lovely and clear and I can see the trees and the stars so very clearly. And though I complain, I am pleased.

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