Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Rabbits in my Mailbox. And I am Not a Murderer. At Least, Not Yet.

The Kozyndan rabbit prints have arrived. They are currently sitting on my dining room table, waiting for framing, and also, possibly, in hope that they'll multiply. Like rabbits do.

So, it turns out that I'm not to be branded a murderer. Both taste testers (guinea pigs!) are alive and well. And I now breathe a sigh of relief. The fact that both forgot to take the PB home with them last night made my day, mainly due to the fact that both, BOTH, brought in bread to try it out today. There's nothing that outweighs the horror of having someone try something that you made and are unsure of right in front of you then seeing them whip out a slice of toast and/or bread out of their respective purse and/or computer bag. Though I suspect that both have a tendency to carry around slices of bread with them at all times, anyway.

I think the verdict was a positive one. I may make a minor tweak to the cinnamon v. chocolate battle going on inside the peanut butter, and then figure out where to go from there. Oh, man.

Confidential to Kate: I want you to try it too, lady!


my name is kate said...

Well, now that the guinea pigs, I mean ... now that Roro and Lole have tried it and survived, I'm *happy* to try it. I'll have to do some purse/computer bag rifling though .. I still pack only my laptop, no baked goods.

ps .. was this comment **coCommented**? Yes, yes it was. Long live coComment

Melissa said...

Saying CoComment makes me feel like an old skool rapper. CoComment, CoCoCoCoComment.

On thing that I dislike is that I have to remember to click the CoComment button. I want it to remember to do that for me, dammit!

my name is kate said...

As a side note .. there is a Greasemonkey (monkey!) script to automagically turn on coComment.


Melissa said...

Okay, that's freaking awesome. I'm trying it now! But also, I want to know why they're not saying that upfront, instead of forcing me to whine, and get you to find a solution for me!

Melissa said...

Know what? Sometimes Blogger blows because Kate, I recieved your comment via my CoComment RRS feed, and it has yet to be published on this here blog. Der craziness, I say.

my name is kate said...

ACtually .. I think it didn't work on blogger b/c i didn't enter the right password.

AAaaarrggh ..

Web 2.0 - bah humbug!

I want Web 3.0 - total integration of all my web identities.