Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I am Madly Self Centered

Madly. Self centered. Because for the next few days, I have a feeling that all I will want to talk about is my birthday. And how awesome my birthday will be. And is. And was.

I may have started celebrating the occasion last weekend with the Dando show, if that gives you any indication of the way I like to celebrate things. The longer you can cash in on an occasion for the fun, the better, I reckon. I think I managed to convince people to celebrate my MLIS graduation a good six months after it actually occured.

Plans for the days ahead:
. Take the day off tomorrow
. Head into the city to dine at Susur
. Take of the day of my actual birthday
. Recieve visits and gifts

And milk it for all it's worth.


Roro said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope Susur is divine! We sent you an e-card, but just realized we sent it to your work address - where you are not. Foiled!

Confidential to kate - I don't know how to turn your co-comment off. Ha ha - sorry.

Melissa said...

Rose, you're such a sweetie. Thanks so much, and thank Kate too! And now go read about my dinner!

PS: The Co-Comment auto-script doesn't seem to be working for me anymore?