Monday, February 20, 2006

I am Good at Making Decisions

See, I've got me a bathroom renovation planned for sometime in the near future. The vessel sink and toilet? In my possession. The vanity shape, size, colour, wood and top? Settled on. The wall colour? Ditto. The new shower system? Take a guess.

Since today was a corporate holiday - my company's corporate head office is based in Alberta, and those crazy kids are celebrating something called "Family Day" (don't ask me. They're stampeding fools that I will never claim to understand) - I took my day off to head on in to a tile store. Vanity wood and top sample in hand, I grabbed a few sample boards (and a clerk to help me pull things that jived with what I had in mind), and headed on home to see what they looked like in the oh-so unnatural light in my bathroom.

One of the worst things about my bathroom is the fact that it's located smack dab in the middle of my second floor, along the shared wall with the unit next to mine, and, as such, is absolutely windowless. Everything looks so different when placed in that room (which leads me to wonder why I do my make-up in there, but I digress), so I'm glad I took home a couple of sample boards, because the inital tile I was leaning towards turned out to be a smidge too dark for the effect that I was looking for. But the other? Freaking-assed-perfect.

Now, all I need is to get the bathroom guy that my gym/bathroom&kitchendesigner friend recommended to nail down his availability, and the buying? The buying will begin.

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