Monday, February 13, 2006

Why, Dorian Grey, What's Your Secret?

Being Evan Dando, apparently. The man, I swear, just does not age. And neither, apparently, does the Hamilton indie rock scene.

"I think I know that guy. But I know I don't. He just looks familiar"
"That's because the indie rock scene here never changes. Backpack + Weezer glasses = and scene".

So let's see how those predictions played out:

. Excellence from Dando. Check. Song segueyed into song, until he just up and left the stage without a word. The voice still sounds like a mournful glass of whiskey. And to top it off, he played both "Ride with Me" and "Skulls". Which was all I really needed him to do. Therefor, no accidental make-outs needed.
. Fun with Monica. Check, check. Old times, but only the good bits, you know?
. Ackward run-ins with people from the past. Less so then I thought, but a minor check. A young man that used to frequent the record label's store when both Monica and I toiled there was in the room. We had christened him Kleenex Boy Wonder, and made fun of him because for such a lovely looking man, he sure did have bad taste in music. He gave us a stare of recognition. And then almost followed Dando into the bathroom to be a drooling fanboy. It was excellent.


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