Monday, February 27, 2006

Of Gimpy Fingers and Clicky Wrists

I am mine own worst enemy, as previous injury blog entries attest to. Sometimes I feel like I should wear a hazard symbol on my forehead, just to warn people that, quite possibly, if they stand too close, they may be sucked into my whirlwind of physical spaz.

So the wrist, she seems to be healing nicely. Until I start to make more and more use of it, doing things like rotating my hand. Because then? Then I feel a resistance. And a click. Oh, bother, that's just not right! The continued tenderness, I understand. The click? Not so much. And so then I do too much research on the possible cause of my timebomb wrist, and then I start to worry, and then I make an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow afternoon to make sure that my hand isn't about to fall off of my arm.

And then I look at my secretly broken finger, which healed up fine, but at a sad, silly angle, and I wonder if perhaps I'm starting to fall apart.


A couple of days ago, I found out that Chef Susur Lee is going to be taking part in a demo at Trish Magwood's Dish Cooking Studio in March. I considered attending, until I came across the price of a seat in the room. I reckon I would much prefer to spend $175 on eating a meal at his restaurant and purchasing a new shirt to wear at that meal.

Seriously, $175? That's freaking crazy-talk. But then, the studio's prices on cooking classes seems quite out of step with other places offering similar courses as well. See what happens when you have a show on Food TV? You get all crazy with the charges.

PS: My parents stopped by Anna Olson's Olson's Foods and Bakery last week, and were sorely dissappointed by both the selection and quality of the food offered up for sale. And the pricing? Also crazy.

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