Monday, January 30, 2006

Hello Random!

Random One - The Fashion

I am bidding on a BCBG skirt that I am a little in love with via EBay. Longing? Check. Making plans for us for the future? Check. Starry-eyed adoration? Definately getting there.

Unfortunately, my love is conditional, and my maximum bid is rather low. I fear that I will be out-bid in the final hours and we shall never be able to run across a meadow, into each other's arms. But I am of the mind that if I can't get it for a song on EBay, I might as well just mosey on into a store and pay full price.

Three days, and we will know if fate has been kind. Hope for us, children. Hope lovely things for our lovely future.

Random Two - The Soap Opera

Dr Noah Drake needs a new liver. And is also now spouting lines like, "I will not let them waste a perfectly good liver on me!". In other General Hospital news, Luke Spencer is now the proud papa of a monkey. Who wear clothes.

Listen, they had me with Rick Springfield. The monkey? THEY HAVE ME FOR LIFE.

PS: I wore my monkey shoes to work today.


Random Three - The Peanut Butter

I made cinnamon peanut butter from scratch this weekend, then I pressured my workmates to eat some. Does that make me a bad person?


ZigKvetch said...

I think it makes you the BEST DAMN COWORKER EVER, quite frankly.

And I love that skirt! You have great taste.

Melissa said...

Oh, Zig, I wish for you to move here so we could work together and I could pressure you into taste testing my food experiments. The end.