Sunday, January 15, 2006

Deluring Week. Who Knew?

Apparently, not me, 'cause I've only caught the last day. But anyway, the skulking in the shadows? It's supposed to stop, for this week only. Which is excellent, because I am nosey and have wanted to do a roll-call for AGES.

So I put up this button with a cute wee pooch, and hope that it'll trick you into responding.

Delurk week, brought to you by Paper Napkin, via, Kate, via Rose.


Roro said...

I think I more "stalk" your blog than "lurk". But I'm a pretty vocal stalker. Are stalkers vocal? Are you creeped out yet? Let me go get some trail mix . ..

Melissa said...

I will never be able to look at Trail Mix in the same way again. In fact, I will now be prone to Bevis-like hehehing in the middle of the grocery store aisles from now on.

Andrew C said...

you both have put me off my food. Scary women, who use food

Melissa said...

You say scary like it's a bad thing!