Thursday, January 05, 2006

Sting Cannot Possibly Be the Same Guy Who Was in The Police

Atom and His Package had it right, kids. Sting ISN'T the guy who was in the Police. Bon Jovi ISN'T the same band who released 7800 Fahrenheit (definitative shark jump = Keep the Faith), and Def Leppard hasn't been the band that recorded Pyromania in a good bargazillion years.

The latest travesty that Def Leppard is releasing upon us is. A. Cover. Album. Of glam rock. A cover album! Just like Mandy Moore! And Paul Anka!

Please, make them just stop.

PS: I pretty much adore Mandy Moore and Paul Anka. Is that wrong?


Roro said...

Please. How can it be wrong when it FEELS SO RIGHT??

I look forward to a photo collage of you about town in that Snakes on a Plane T-shirt. My birthday IS coming up, you know.

Melissa said...

Oh, man, I guess that means I need to get my ass that t-shirt then. Snakes! On a plane!

Drew said...

Honestly, this is what Hollywood has come to...Snakes on a Plane. People obviously are drinking too much or not enough!