Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Ulimate Melissa Machine

Who knew that a randomizer program could be so astute? PS: Randomizer!

Anyway. Here is a gratuitous picture of piglets. Competitvely swimming. From the fine folks at Cute Overload.

So intent on the finish, I doubt they are even able to enjoy the journey.

I miss swimming. Unfortunately, two things keep me away from it:

  • Without some kind of lense in front of my eyeballs, I am a walking danger-zone. And I have yet to meet a goggle that didn't cut off circulation to my brain and result in headaches the size of Texas. Where, I hear, everything is big. And I don't relish inadvertantly becoming the crazy lady who makes knew friends by equally inadvertantly suggestively bumping into other swimmers while doing laps. Laps. Suggestive in itself, no?
  • I gots me some excellent hair, for once in my life. And the chlorine? Oy.
I reckon I shant ever be able to challenge a piglet to a swim-off. But on a bike? Dude, I'd win every time.

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