Monday, January 09, 2006

Wine at work!

Well, not really wine, but Wine Kit Kats.

Dude, I KNOW.

A co-worker brought in a wee box of them this afternoon, straight from Japan via Chinatown. Do they taste like wine? Not so much. Perhaps as it approaches your tastebuds, but after that, it's just a pleasant, but strange, sweet taste of white chocolate that really doesn't taste as cloying as white chocolate usually does, enrobing a very thin wafer.

I am now obsessed with the other flavours of Kit Kat that the Nestle company has unleashed on the world. I am currently jonsin' for Kit Kat Cherry (limited edition US), Kit Kat Double Berry (blueberry and strawberry, Japan), Kit Kat Lemon Cheesecake (limited edition Japan), and Kit Kat White Winter zimt (cinammon, Germany).

Who would like to join me on my candy fact-finding travel mission?

Oops, I almost forgot: Rose tagged me on a blog topic, but it's going to take some time, 'cause right now I'm all, "Ha, all I ever do on this here sucker is confess all of my facets o' wierd".


Roro said...

Man, I'm so jealous of you guys and your KitKats. This somewhat manky clementine is just not doing it for me.

You certainly have a point about the "weird" tag. HA ha! Feel free to ignore it - OR just post links to your top 5 "weird" posts. Save some time for watching Starting Over, which I've finally caught up with!

I'm so glad Alison finally graduated AGAIN. I was fixin' to get on a plane and go extract her myself.

Melissa said...

I kind of wish you would've partaken in such a super-secret spy mission, lady. I just watched today's episode, and I would like to add that if you had, I wish that you would've considered taking TJ out as well. But in violent, murderous way.

Roro said...

Ooo, excellent. I haven't watched today's episode but must make time for it tomorrow. I finally dragged myself to the message boards today and was pleased to note that I was not alone in my Alison disgruntlement.