Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tagged: Five Reasons Why I Blog

The leader of the Creampuff Revolution tagged me to reveal all of the scandalous reasons behind my nefarious blogging schemes.

Before digging in, I would like to say that I'm quite put out that when lovely Rose came into my office yesterday, she didn't run over to my desk, smack me upside the head, and scream "YOU'RE IT!". So I am posting this under much upset and duress.

I'm scrambling to come up with five reasons. Five seems like an awful lot, especially when I've never really questioned why I keep coming back to keep It's A Monkey alive.

1. To hold myself accountable. I like to write, but I could never commit to secretive and private journaling. I tried everything to trick myself into keeping a journal. Bought excellent pens, fun and enticing empty books, set up a schedule, and nothing, nothing would make the action of journaling stick. But putting out words in a public forum, I hold myself accountable, in public, to a commitment to writing.

2. To talk with people that I don't see nearly often enough face to face. With friends strewn across the planet. Blog posts are excellent starting points for other types of conversations, and they're an excellent aid to avoid the "Oh, I forgot to say!" bits that go on after a conversation ends.

3. As a less obnoxious documentation of my life. Yes, still obnoxious, but only in interweb-public, and read by people who decide to be poked at with my words, and not in real-public, like those people who deem it necessary to photograph or video all the minutia of their day to day existence. Blogging also helps me check myself. Before I wreck myself. What?

4. To share the things that I love with others, and maybe draw a little attention to the overlooked. For instance, most recent loves that I encourage others to try: Odette NY, Soma Chocolate Maker, Kultura Restaurant, Canadian artisans on Because I am helpful and delightful.

5. And finally, and apparently, to provide people across with world with pictures of Gay Wedding Cakes and insulting comments about an episode of CSI: NY.

So, there you go. Five reasons. I tag not, but if you decide to play along, leave a comment, and I'll edit to add a link to this here post.

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roro said...

Sorry I didn't alert you to the tagging yesterday - I prefer a stealth approach. HA ha! And thank you for answering the call of the tag. You ARE helpful AND delightful! Keep those gay wedding cakes comin'! Still looking for the right one . . .