Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging Regrets

Ever post something that you regret? I think we all do. With me, it's not a case of regretting posting things that are too intimate, or to revealing, as I have no shame, but posting something that brings a bargazillion people here because I feel like it inflates my stats.

Waaaaaay back in April 2006, I blogged about the end of an episode of CSI: NY. In my usually assy way, I made fun of it. Because that's what I do. Little did I know that in all of the months following, I would get between 5 and 1500 visits a day from people entering a very unique word that was featured prominently in the episode into search engines.

On the upside, I've learned a lot about how US TV productions have episodes aired following their North American premiere around the world. And maybe I've encouraged some of those thousands of visitors to return and read the other things I've written.

PS: Here's an image that pops up when you Google "Blogging Regrets".

1 comment:

roro said...

Hilarious. Now I'm dying to SEE that episode of CSI: NY. . .