Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Its Former Co-Worker Week

Over at ItsAMonkey.

That's right, and it's delightful. Today, I met with June Li, now of ClickInsight, at Crazy Sushi (who have a quite nice vegetarian sushi offering). And Thursday, the ItsAMonkey Car Service will be picking up Kate from the local GO station and making sure that we fill our bodies full of caffeine in coffee format. Or maybe that will be just me.

Anyone else want to get in on the action?


Kate said...

Mucho gracias to the Monkey Car Service! So happy to see you! Yummy coffee and muffins. I only wish we had more time. April, my friend, april!

Melissa said...

April, she is a flirty little month, and is already waving "COME HERE!" at me. We will have so much fun!