Tuesday, February 20, 2007

HaHa, PT Cruiser!

The PT Cruiser is the funniest car on the planet. Funny because it's disgustingly ugly while pretending to be cool. And funny because it's whole initial marketing plan revolved around the idea that people who didn't like the PT Cruiser simply didn't "get it".

People who have "it", apparently, have a horrid sense of styles and taste.

When I went on my first inter-province business trip with my current supervisor (hi, Lorne), I made him rent a PT Cruiser as our conveyance from airport to hotel, as I thought it would be incredibly funny to (a) ride in one, and (b) make him drive one. It wasn't until we sat down in the damn thing that I realized what a bad, bad decision we had made. The interior of the car was seemingly designed with the needs of a spastic monkey in mind, and ranked a -10 on the human-machine ease-of-use scale.

I bring this up because ever since, in separate incidents, both Lorne and I have been forced to travel in PT Cruisers, against both our better judgment and wishes. In fact, TODAY, while traveling on out to an off-site location with some co-workers, we were driven there in a PT Cruiser. It pained me to hold in my snickers as our driver pointed out her ride.

The end.

On a completely different note, Sunday marked the return of the most awesome team to ever appear on reality TV. Oh, Oswald and Danny from Season 2 of The Amazing Race, how I love you, and how I hope you leave every other team in the dust (psst: especially the intensely annoying and culturally offensive Myrna and Charla. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr-AAA-p-EEEE-doooooo, indeed).


Ali said...

LOL! this is hilarious. I never thought of that before. You're absolutely right.

Melissa said...

It's amazing what people can be persuaded into buying, isn't it?

roro said...

You know, my childhood best friend's mom had a stroke and when she had recovered enough to drive, they got her a specially tricked out PT Cruiser and so for YEARS I thought that PT Cruisers were cars intended only for people with special needs. YEARS. Turns out I was right - and yet wrong at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Let me guess.
You think the Mitsubishi Eclipse is really cool... right?

Melissa said...

No. I'm not the kind of person who buys into the coolness of car culture. I have a car only because I need one to get around out here in suburbia.

To tell you the truth, when people name a car make and model, I usually have no idea what the hell they're talking about. It just isn't important to me, unlike, say, an excellent designer dress, or a piece of artwork.

I only know what the cars that I've owned or sat in look like, and my purchasing decisions were based not on how something looks (most cars look the same, unless they're outrageously stupid looking, like the PT Cruiser), but how it drives, it's price and the mileage it gets to a tank of gas.