Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vicodin, Gay Wedding Cake and Boobage, Oh My

A few weeks ago, following a MICA management training course, I made the decision to not be frustrated. To not be angry. Don't get me wrong, I'm not shoving those feelings down inside until they cause me to blow up real good, but to feel them, and make decisions about how to make the things that are causing those emotions to stop, and then actually doing just that.

It's caused a couple of people to ask just what kind of drugs I've been taking.

I am my own Vicodin. Duuuuuude.

Anyway, remember when I said it was wedding season down page? Clarification: it's gay wedding season. Guess what pops up when you run a Google image search on Gay Wedding Cake?

As promised to Kate, and better late then never, here's a picture of me on my birthday. If there's a better way to to mark the day then excellent company, fine dining and flashing some skin, I don't know it.

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