Monday, March 19, 2007

Coquettish and, Well, Naughty

I generally dislike the term "naughty". In truth, I think it's because the things that people are trying to describe as naughty are just trying far too hard to hit that combination of dirty and sweet and witty and awesome. And pretty much no one ever gets it.

Not the story with Paris-based design label Locher's. But then, I think you have the solution right in that description. The French invented the concept of naughty, no? And just look at the styling in these product photos! How can you not be smitten? Locher's specializes in delicate cotton tops embroidered flora and fauna and scripted expressions that are cracking my ass up.

No Time to Fuck:

I Hate Children:

I Don't Play Nice:

Cute Little Fuckers:

I Like It Rough:

Life Is Fucked Up:

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