Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Poll: Bags

I am sad that there is no poll function on Blogger, because it makes taking polls difficult. Which is, perhaps, a good thing as it restrains me from polling about things like nail clipping and cheese sandwiches. But I feel the need to solicit opinions, so "poll" away I will.

Say you were considering purchasing a leather bag. And say you came across a Toronto-based designer named Retrodelic. And say you were torn between the two bags.

The Ellie Essential, in either Sky Blue or Pumpkin:


The Maggie, available only in Sea Green:

Tell me what you think, please. Even if you hate them.


mom said...

I like the blue more then the pumkin, but what the hell get them both.

Melissa said...

Look at you, putting ideas in my head!

Amblus said...

Hi! Heh, you know I'm voting on this. I think the blue is the most incredible color of the three and the style is classic.

roro said...

Maggie! Maggie! I like the green best.

Maybe that means *I* should get the green . . .

Melissa said...

Tally so far (from here, there and everywhere:

Blue Ellie: 4
Orange Ellie: 1
Green Maggie: 1

PS: Rose, YES, Maggie must be yours!

PSS: I am a shopping enabler.

KW said...

Get them both!

Melissa said...

You people with your BOTH are horrible! Thank God I just placed an order for ONE before you drive me to financial ruin.

PS: Nice to meet you, KW! Tell us a bit about who you are!

Melissa said...

PS: KW, you wouldn't happen to be Ken from Retrodelic, would you? Because that would then make you a bad, bad man.