Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Close 'Em Up

My mom will laugh at me when I tell you this, because she was on the receiving end of my begging and begging and begging when I was a pre-teen, but I've come to a decision: I'm letting my second set of earring holes close up.

Why? I hardly ever change the earrings in there. In fact, I only do so when the earrings that I'm wearing in the first set clashes with the keeper rings that I keep in the second. Which, truth be told, makes me not want to change earrings in the first holes because it's such a pain in the ass. So, really, why have that second set at all?

Step one has been completed: earrings have been removed.

Countdown to hole closure: T minus who knows, and counting.

Randomly, it appears to be wedding season, as people coming here searching on cake images has skyrocketed today. And since the last (and only) cake picture on here is of the GAYEST CAKE ON THE PLANET, here's something pretty to look at, instead. From April Reed Cake Design via Tastespotting (food porn!).


Mom said...

HAHAHA I get to say I TOLD YOU SO.......I love it

Melissa said...

Ah, but I got a good 20 years out of them, so I think it was a good decision way back when.

Kate said...

I had exactly the same thought process about 15 years ago. So I did exactly what you did.

Here's the thing ... they still haven't closed!!!!

ZigKvetch said...

Oh, that cake is lovely! That would make an awfully nice birthday cake, too! You know, for someone turning, say, 37?!?

Go mom! Now please go and convince my mom that she will not get a computer virus from simply posting a comment on my blog!