Friday, March 23, 2007

Leading Men in Cars

I have come to hesitate talking about TV shows that I like that are in their first season. Because they tend to get their asses canceled. See this season's death of The Knights of Prosperity as proof. And even that post only mentioned the wonderous name of Rockefeller Butts.

But when I like something, I just can resist talking about it. Mid-season replacements are usually a pile of ass, but two shows so far have found their way into my viewing schedule: Raines and Andy Barker, PI.

Raines works only because of the big old sarcastic, witty and awesome Jeff Goldblum, who, from previous interviews that I've seen of him, seems to be playing himself. Or what would be Jeff Goldblum if he was a homicide detective instead of an actor. Which is pretty excellent, with the twitching and odd vocalizations.

Andy Barker, PI sees the return of Andy Richter to TV. And it's about time, dammit. Loved Andy Richter Controls the Universe. So much so that it was canceled. Andy Barker is just as hilarious, in a completely different way. Bonus: Tony Hale, Arrested Development's Buster Bluth, co-stars.

Deathwatch on both of these shows starts....NOW. Sorry.