Monday, March 12, 2007

Have Bike, Will Travel

Oh, cycling, how I love it. How I love going fast. How I love having the ability to make myself go fast. And to aid my need (my need for speed), I've decided that I need to upgrade from my mountain bike to a road cycle. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be trying on a bunch of frames for size and feel, and I quite seriously can't wait.

One nice thing about professional cycling lines is that they've started producing women specific frames...Not girlie frames with the silly top bar set differently then normal bikes, but normal frames scaled to a woman's body. Basically, a woman's centre of gravity is different then a man's, and a WSD brings handles closer to seat which allows for a more natural and balanced ride and more control when cornering (fast).

I'll be trying on WSD models from Giant, Trek and Cannondale on for size, as well as non-WSD compact frames that suit my small stature.

It's almost approaching a bespoke bicycle. But you didn't hear that from me.


Amblus said...

Do you know about Terry bikes? They're a women-specific line:

(I should add, they're not cheap and I don't know if they're available in Canada, but people swear by them!)

Melissa said...

I have heard about Terry but didn't put them on my list as they're a bit too much bike for my purposes.

PS: First fitting tomorrow!