Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Gots Me A Big Bag Full Of Pills. Also, Bespoke

So a big bag, full of pills, is currently sitting in the middle of my bed. Not because I am a drug dealer. And not because I have me a nasty habit. I've got a big old bag of pills because I am (a) forgetful, (b) lazy, (c) and cheap, even if I'm spending other peoples' money.

Yesterday, I had the always uncomfortable yearly physical, and grabbed my 13 month repeat prescription for Marvelon, an excellent low-dose birth control pill. And I trekked on over my pharmacy, where I asked for the complete prescription all at once.

I figure the following:
  • Even though I have an excellent drug plan through my place of employment, I hate the thought of anyone paying unnecessary dispensing fees. That was the cheap.

  • If I have my complete prescription for the period (ha!) between one annual examination and the next, I won't have to remember to drop off the script and pick up a new package every month, and I won't have to get my ass in gear to remember to not forget. That was the forgetful and lazy part.
So, yeah, bag full of birth control. PAR-TAY.


Bespoke THIS!

I have a new favourite word. And, as it is when you have a new favourite anything, I keep seeing it used by other people. I figure it's because I keep reading fancy-pants UK based fashion blogs, but the term bespoke just hits me as lovely and fun to say.

If I had a bargazillion dollars, I would have scads of clothing that were bespoke in nature. I think I would enjoy sitting for measurements, and attending fittings to try on things to make sure my unique and particular pattern is exactly how it should be. And I know I would love wearing handmade items made to fit only me.

Because I am selfish that way.

What I like even more, I think, is the extension of the word into non-clothing business areas. Bastardization of the term, yes, but still...bespoke chocolate? Don't mind if I do. Bespoke linens? I would very much like to sleep underneath you.

I love new words. Especially unexpectedly lovely ones. And so I share this one with you. Enjoy.


Kate said...

As an interesting coincidental aside, I used to work on Marvelon's digital marketing ...

Melissa said...


Excuse me while I reveal too much about my medical history, but Marvelon is the only pill I've ever been on, and that's been for, like, a decade. I really lucked out with it, and never had any kind of side effect. Hence my love.

roro said...

I remember the sad day I learned about exorbitant dispensing fees and I applaud your efforts to thwart them.

Also, new words are cool.