Friday, November 10, 2006

There Is A Fire In My Belly. Cause By Ire.

This week I have heard the following terms used on internationally broadcast news shows:

  • Co-ed
  • Mixed company
Who knew we still lived in a world where women are (a) an oddity at institutes of higher learning, or (b) are so delicate of mental and emotional constitution that certain things can't be mentioned in front of them?

Seriously, which one of you knew? Because, with information like that, you really should share. Because I'm now questioning every life decision I ever made?

Oh, wait, no...what I'm questioning is if I'll ever watch the idiots who used such terms ever again.

I'll let you in on a secret: the answer is no.

1 comment:

Foxy said...

Are you serious on the cease and desist? Good lord. Now my nosy ass, of course, wants to know what site it was. Ridiculous.

Speaking of, however, it really is so difficult to make clients who don't have familiarity with online community building understand just how these things work. It's like speaking a foreign language. I actually had someone say to me recently, "What? You mean to say that people just read questions from other people and RESPOND? Why would they DO that? They don't even KNOW the people?"