Monday, November 27, 2006

I Win Things

It's true - I do. It's because I have a wee bit of an embarrasing habit; I enter online contests.

In the past year, I've won the following:

  • * Kids in the Hall Season 1 DVD set

  • * JLo full size perfume and candle set. It smelled like floral ass, so I chucked it.

  • * Full size lipgloss from Maybelline

  • * A box from the Happily Handmade Giveaway. Over $200 in hand crafted jewellery, bags, and cosmetics. 2/3 of which were things that I liked. I attempted to hoist the rest off on my co-workers.

  • * Balance Necklace made from a Chinese coin by Valentina Design

  • * Perfume from The Body Perfumery, one of my favourite scent suppliers, in my favourite scent Amour de Cacao (okay, it's a duplication scent, but smells just like the real thing).
  • * Full size eyeshadow from Quo Cosmetics.

And my favourite, so far, that just arrived today:

  • * IPod Nano (only 1G, and white, but free!) and speaker dock.

The Nano is making me think of all of the things that I can buy for it. For instance, I've been coveting the Nike +IPod Sport Kit, but never purchased because it wouldn't work with my Mini. But now, Nano! And to go with that, I'd pair it with the matching Nike armband, and the Marware Sportsuit Sensor so I could use it with my New Balance shoes, beacuse Nike? Yeah, they don't make shoes that fit my midget feet.

Of course, since it's winter, and I am too much of a delicate flower to actually run in the cold and the snow, those can wait, but I do very much like thinking about them. In the meantime, I will wear my Mini on my arm and workout indoors. And I will think. And think. And eventually buy.

Talking about buying, the lovely Spoken dress arrived at my house as well today. And it's too big. Bah! Since I had ordered the smallest size, back it goes, in exchange for either a skirt or a shirt from a completely different designer. Eve Gravel, I am hoping that your sizing is more realistic!


roro said...

Floral ass? HAHAHAHAAAAA! Oh, JLo. I bet she didn't hear that from the focus group.

I think floral ass would be a great name for my band.

Congrats on the Nano win! Very exciting. Clearly, we should all be entering more online contests.

Melissa said...

My ass is made of flowers. Is that odd?