Thursday, November 30, 2006

If You Had A Sheet of Cork, What Would You Do With It?

Earlier this year, the facilities management team at the office created a massive cork board for our department by attaching a sheet of cork right to one of our walls. This was a good half year ago. Ever since, the end bit of that sheet has been sitting in the back room, all rolled up and lonely looking.

Being an artistic opportunist, I finally got sad enough looking at that poor sheet of cork sitting all bored by itself to make sure that the building had no use for it, and brought it home, like a stray dog, with me last week.

I have plans. Art plans. Art plans involving cork. And, wouldn't you know it? Three weeks of vacation coming down the pipe.

My house is about to become a disaster area. I just know it.

Cork dog image lifted from Cork Doll.

1 comment:

Joe D. said...

I envision either cork flooring, or a Christmas Cork Wonderland!!