Sunday, November 12, 2006

Gorilla Cookies!

I will confess to loving really down and out horrible reality television shows. Loving. Them. Which is why I whooted like a goon when I found out that MuchMoreMusic had finally gotten around to putting MTV's Flavor of Love 2 on the air.

Yes, the show is over and done with, and I know who he chose. Yes, Flav has announced that he's having his 7th child with a woman who didn't appear on the show. But, the thing is, the drama? The craziness? Somethin' shitting on the stairs while everyone was in the foyer? IT'S STILL BRILLIANTLY AWFUL TV.

And I won't miss an episode.

Also, Flav quoting Sanford and Son in a People interview? Best. Thing. Ever.

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