Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fashiony McFashionface

I am a slave to fashion-based reality shows. And, as such, I am in a state of TV watching delight. Season 2 of Project Catwalk, the UK version of Project Runway, starts up on Slice (the Lifenetwork, rebranded) on Monday, and last week, the delusional models return to walk it out to see who becomes America's Next Top (non) Model. My, my.


firstimpressionist said...

ATM8 Baby!!! OMG, that Russian bitch, Natasha, has to go!! Jael all the way. She rocks!!!

Melissa said...

Step away from supporting any of the, ahem, "models" on Top Model. None of them will ever be a real and true "top" model. Reality TV star, yes. Name known for stomping down the catwalk or as the face of a major campaign? Never.

Which is why the show rules so much - because they're all very much convinced that they're going to join Stam or Werbowy as the new breed of supermodel.

I heart the delusional.

PS: Hi!