Wednesday, September 06, 2006

There's Something Refreshing About September

Call it a bargazillion years of schooling, but September always makes me want to start something new and exciting and fresh. And so, I'm a-headed back to the hallowed halls. No, this time I won't be stuffing another book-learning degree under my belt (although I have been thinking about my 25 year Doctorate plan...working while schooling, it'll be the only way to do it), but will be exercising the more creative, less "science best practice this is

what works", use my hands to make the picture in my head real bit and learning the basics behind jewellery construction. And classes start next week!

I know, some of you might be saying, "Dear girl, don't you already make jewellery? And what ever happened to your plan to make and sell your fine (okay, more like "funny") art?", to which I answer, "I do, but always fear that since I've never actually learned any techniques from any one and have gone the lick-and-a-prayer route that things might fall apart, I reckon I should learn the rules of construction before I figure out workable ways to break them. And the art is still a go! Especially now that my home is completely mine again".

And then I would realize that the conversation I just had was completely with myself, and I would ruefully scratch my nose and pretend that it hadn't happened.

Anyway, the course that I'll be taking is at a local arts college that specializes in things like furniture making, and animation, and interior design as real-ass multi-year degree courses. Thankfully, they offer evening community classes as well. And that makes me happy like you don't even understand.

Next semester, I'm eye-ing the introduction to glass blowing.

I live for danger.

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