Monday, September 18, 2006

Disorganization + Harsh Lighting = Frustration

I've been lax in talking about my first jewellery making class, haven't I? I put it down to being peeved about that whole day and not wanting to relive it, blog-form.

After spending the afternoon running back and forth between condo and cable company to replace not only my original PVR that decided to get all crazy on my ass and not record correctly, but the first replacement box that they gave me which, itself, was broken straight out of the box, I raced on over to the arts college and walked into a room that was lit by the harshest flourescent lighting that I have ever encountered.

And the headache began.

The instructor began to speak, and it was obvious that she had prepared nothing in advance of the class and was decidedly winging it. And badly at that. And she was repeatedly interupted by classmembers who asked her to clarify points that she made by repeating back exactly what she had just stated, in the form of a question, followed by "Is that right?"

And the headache grew worse.

I had to leave with a half hour left to class, as I couldn't deal with sitting at a desk, doing nothing, while the instructor went from student to student, demonstrating the same technique, over and over. Plus, the headache.

I have higher hopes for this week's class, as we'll actually be doing things with our own hands, instead of simply watching and taking notes.

But really? I'm starting to wish that I had sprung for the glassblowing class instead. Molten sand! How can that be made bad?

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