Sunday, September 24, 2006

Angry New Wave Ponies

A couple of friends travelled up to visit me this weekend. I did not like that they had to leave to go back to their own homes. It made me irate. Like a pirate. Fun times should not have to end.

The lovely hilarity began on Friday evening, when, driving back to my home on the highway, a strange blue car began to keep suspicious pace beside us, on my left hand side, as we approached the exit before my own. Seeing this happening out of the corner of my eye, I pretended to not notice the driver's attempt to capture my attention, because what if that driver was BATSHIT CRAZY? And what if he had A GUN? Southern Ontario, it's a crazy place for drive-by highway shootings. Except not. But I digress.

So I pretended not to notice and chattered away to my friends, until I could see that there driver waving (or were those OBSCENE GESTURES?) at us, and my front seat passenger friend starting to wave back. So I peered out the window, expecting the worst.

And I brother. And almost collapsed on the floor laughing. Randomly seeing a relative driving beside you on the highway is like being in first grade and seeing your teacher at the mall. Or going to a restaurant and seeing a co-worker who lives no where near the city you live in sitting at the table right beside the entrance.

Which happened as well, that night.

It made me wonder if Canada really was as small as all those people on TV try to make you believe it is.

The next day, we walked a bargazillion kilometres around Toronto. And saw angry ponies. And a travel agency for time travellers from the 80s.

I also retained my title of Shopping Enabler. I warn you - go shopping with me, and you will end up buying something.

Later on, we filled our bellies at Susur. And though I was remiss in photographing the plates, I think I have enough cred to be believed when I say that it was one of the better meals that I have ever had there. This time around, the vegetarian tasting menu consisted of:

  • Amouse Bouche: Three Asian-style spoons, the first holding a thin strip of jicama rolled around tightly diced summer vegetables, the second a vegetable based jelly, and the third displaying two heirloom grape tomatoes in a basil sauce.
  • 1st Course: Summer vegetable curry with foam over dal
  • 2nd Course: Pan fried potato gnocchi with an heirloom tomato reduction
  • 3rd Course: White asparagus and orange segments bathed in an orange cream sauce
  • 4th Course: Spinach noodles with summer vegetables, tomato water and spicy peanut sauce
  • 5th Course: The now familiar tiered dessert tray plus a plate of four more wee desserts for the table to share
The gnocchi melted in my mouth, the orange cream sauce made me wish that I just had a mug of it to drink straight, and the noodle course was the most amazing, fresh and lovely palate cleanser ever.

And now the weekend is over. And my head feels better for it.


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It's taken you long enough to come out and play! I don't know how you resisted, especially with the Keen Eddie mention. You are made of stronger stuff than I.

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Hmph, you never comment on my site either! But truly, I am a lurker at heart.