Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Don't You Ever Leave Me Again!

I have very deep, heartfelt relationships with magazines. Okay, with a couple of magazines. Unfortunately, they usually go under or undergo a "rebirth" that completely strips away everything that I used to love about them. Case in point: Sassy and Jane.

But, Radar? Radar entered my life. Then left due to bankruptcy. Then entered it again when the editorial staff found it some pockets filled with cash. And then they left again, due, again, to money woes. But now? More, bigger pockets, and a slow, but steady, and much less grand re-enterance.

Today, the Radar website was reactivated. Crazy new content, and an archive of old. Hard to kill, indeed. I can't wait until the physical edition starts re-publication. There's something so right about the tactile sensation of holding cynical brilliance in your hand, and flipping through the pages, deciding where to stop.

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