Thursday, September 21, 2006

I Am Not A Quitter. Okay, I Am. Plus, Models.

But at least I gave the jewellery making class a fair shot. I figured that since I was just as disappointed and frustrated with the subject matter and lack of teaching style of the class instructor, coupled with the fact that I could teach my own ass the techniques that were being demonstrated each session, it was time to cut bait and salvage whatever I could from the class fees.

In much more excellent news, America's Next Top Model returned to the airwaves last night. I may be horrid with my love for watching delusional young women compete and the drama that ensues, but I am not ashamed. Hilarity, thy name is ANTM.

The only thing that I dislike about The Models (hi Kate!) is the amount of, and way that young women have attempted to turn shrieking into a serious and valid form of communication. Until the first kid gets the boot, I feel like I've tuned into America's Next Top Cheer Camp. This year, the notion was doubled when a number of the girls performed actual cheers in their first face to face with Tyra and the Jays.

Ready!? ALRIGHT!


roro said...

ha ha - I hear you on the The Models. It's like watching Bring It On, only without the kicky music and mad acting skillz. I can't wait to hear that goth-looking chick chime in with "I transferred from Los Angeles, your school has no gymnastics team, this is a last resort!"

Melissa said...

Oh, Rose, I have missed you. And I feel you will understand when I tell you that I watched both Bring it On sequels even though I knew they would suck, just, well, because.

roro said...

How could you not?? I've missed you too. Especially since you upgraded your blog and I didn't upgrade my Explorer, which caused your blog to crash my computer multiple times. I felt like maybe it was something personal until Kate told me to quit whining and use Firefox. Huzzah!