Monday, September 11, 2006

Eureka: Separated at Birth

One small complaint that I have about living in Canada is the amount of time it sometimes takes to get original TV programming airing in the US to air up here. This year alone, Project Runway, The Closer andLaguna Beach have started anywhere from weeks to months after beginning their run on US TV.

It's understandable, of course, as these shows come from specialty channels and a whole buy-then-air deal has to be made between US and Canadian TV outlets, so I reckon I shouldn't complain too much...especially when a show like Eureka, an original program from US's SciFi Network, gets picked up by Space.

I confess to geekdom. I confess to love of clever sci-fi shows. And now I confess to a love of Eureka.

And I love it not for the eye candy, though it does help. Even though I always seem to mix up Colin Ferguson with my Keen Eddie boyfriend, Mark Valley. But, c'mon - they could be brothers, don't you think? Which is which? I put the pictures up, and I can't even remember.

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