Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Good Blogs

So you might have noticed a new widget (Hi Kate!) in the left hand column over there. Just what is that freakish thing? Why, that's a traffic driver.

The Good Blogs is a network that connects like blogs together, rotating updated blogs in community and posting links to those blogs through that there list you are now a-beholding. The communities that they have available right now are a wee bit limited (hey, let's put all the chicks together), but, dammit, it's a good thing, and pretty much ensures that you'll have something new and exciting to read. Well, new and exciting after you read the NEW and EXCITING and REFORMULATED (what?) stuff here.

So check out them there other blogs. And if you've got yourself a little spot on the Interweb, sign yourself up.

Thanks to Kate (yes, the one at the top of this post) for the finger pointing the way.


Kate said...

Coolio! I'm glad you signed up - I'm getting Roro on it too! I just added the tech roll to my blog.

I love the pendant - you totally need to indulge! Also, I support you in the glass blowing. Did I mention I collect glass paperweights??

Melissa said...

I don't suppose that by "support" you mean spread out the cash so I can learn, do you?

my name is kate said...

Heh, heh, heh.

No. ;-)