Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hello New York. How YOU Dooooin'?

The things that you have brought to me today:

So, let's talk about Pure Food and Wine for a second. A wee bit back you might remember that I bought a few raw food cookbooks. One, Raw Food / Real World, is the cookbook that the owners of Pure Food and Wine unleashed on the world.

For the first course, I had the marinated shiitake, avocado and pickled ginger sushi rolls (with jicama instead of rice), and they ruled. To the extreme. 2001, even. For the second course, I ordered the zuchinni and golden tomato lasagna with basil-pistachio pesto, sundried tomato sauce and pignoli ricotta. Thing is? With every bite, the only thing I could think was that the raw lasagne that I cobbled together from Raw by Charlie Trotter and Raw Food / Real World was actually better then what was on my plate.

Take THAT happy couple on the Raw Food / Real World cookbook cover that had a horrible, messy and drama-filled (with chair throwing!) break-up!


my name is kate said...

Am *very* impressed with your restraint at Sephora. I wonder .. was this the first trip of many to Sephora before you return to our Canadian shores?? Hmmmmm???

Also .. as an aside .. all's quiet on the .de front.

Confidential to Roro: what'd ya get me for my birthday?

Melissa said...

I fear more trips to Sephora just might be in my future. My future before Friday. Dear Christ.

Thanks so much for dealing with the .de stuff while I'm gone. I really don't know if I can say that enough.

my name is kate said...

Well no worries on the .de front (don't worry .. I'm going away for like a week at the end of Nov .. I'm sure I can find a .it or .nl to hand off to you :-)

Am looking forward to your additional Sephora spoils.

Also .. as a meta thought .. do you ever think that a certain *LL* is reading our blogs and keeping up with our goings on while s/he is out of town? Weird ...

Melissa said...

From some of the things that the L has said to me? I'm certain of it.

Hey, L! What up, yo?

Roro said...

That "wee Sephora haul" sounds like a warm-up to me. Gotta case the joint first, you know, do a few laps before you commit to the big buys.

Confidential to Kate: nothing from Sephora.

Melissa said...

I went back into Sephora and could find nothing I needed! My standbys didn't need replacing, and I needed time to try out a perfume to see if it would turn on me, like a dastardly double agent.

The perfume? Comptour Sud Pacifique's Vanille Abricot. The result? Still lovely two hours later. I should've known - their Amour de Cacao is my favourite scent ever, and has stayed the same on my skin from first spritz.