Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Someone Needs to Buy Me Chocolates, Please

These ones, in particular.

Wild Sweets Exotic Chocolates have just released two seasonal collections: Harvest and Science Kit.

Let me break them down for you. The Harvest collection contains chocolate and autumn harvest pairings. Regard:

  • Apricot Chanterelle Emulsion & Plum Wine Reduction
  • Kabotcha, Coconut Milk & Sweet Curry Emulsion
  • Morel Icewine Emulsion & Walnut Panko Toast
  • Rhubarb Stilton Emulsion & Port Wine Reduction
  • Red Pepper, Raspberry & Vodka Emulsion
  • Mincemeat Caramel & Butternut Squash Emulsion (I'm assuming this is fruit-only mincemeat)
  • Sweet Pea Emulsion & Almond Nugat
  • Apple Red Cabbage Gelee & Chesnut Praline
  • Black truffle, Orange & Cinnamon Emulsion
  • Yellow Pepper, Mango & Vodka Emulsion
  • Parsnip, Pear & Vanilla Emulsion
  • Barbeque Tomato Jam & Matcha Lime Emulsion
And look, so pretty!

The Science Kit contains four chocolate desert experiments, totalling 64 portions. Holy crap!

  • #1 - TensioActivity/ Foaming: Apple Muscovado Consomme/Frappe, Chocolate Caviar & Puffed Quinoa Choco Grains
  • #2 - Hydrocolloids / Temperature & Texture: Strawberry Champagne Emulsion, Strawberry Carpaccio & Exotic Fruit Pearls
  • #3 - Encapsulation / Aroms: Orange Curry Gel / Chicory Licorice Emulsion Eprouvette, ChoCoffee Hot Ganache & Coffee Salt Oranges
  • #4 - Gel / Dispersion: Chocolate Dispersion, Cumin Gel, Raisin Confit & Exploding Crunch

Both are only available until Feb 11. But really, that gives me much time to get my belly some of the lovely awesomeness above.


joolz said...

That box sure does look yummy, but I just don't know about some of those flavors.

I'm awed by your adventurous food spirit.

Melissa said...

Lady, it's not so much adventure as wanting to not miss things that could really be pure awesome.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to mosey on down to Wild Sweets, try one of their Harvest pieces, and tell me all about it!

joolz said...

I accept! I accept! I will try to make it down next weekend.