Sunday, November 13, 2005

It's a Random New York Post

Oh, yes it is.

1) Minor celebrity sightings: Because it wouldn't be a trip without them. On the way to Manhatten, I shared my plane with one Clark Johnson, or, as I'll always think of him, Detective Meldrick Lewis from Homicide: Life on the Street. Also, hilariously, when I was waiting at the ticketing desk, the guy in front of me, hoisting a guitar hardcase, was questioned by the ticketing agent about the band that he played in. His answer? Our Lady Peace. It made me feel sorry for him and think about the plight of the non-front man in a Canadian famous band. I wonder if they have support groups? And finally, when I was waiting for the plane from Toronto to deplane so I could climb aboard to head back to that city, none other then Earl Camem...erm, Eugene Levy was the first passenger to disembark.

2) Goddamn are there a lot of people in Manhatten. I thought I was doing fairly well with the crowds and the noise until I walked into the Saks on 5th Avenue. Crazy hordes! Crazy hordes buying cosmetics! Crazy hordes screeching about the cosmetics they want to buy. Walked in the door, walked back out. Freaked out. Ran away.

3) On my final full day in the city, I decided to go to the 5th Ave H&M to see the just unveiled Stella McCartney line. Holy crap, UGLIEST CLOTHING EVER. I wonder how many poor girls will be buying over-priced cheaply made shapeless pieces thinking that it gives them style when all it really does is make them look poorly dressed.

The end.


sabrinabeans said...

Manhatten! Haw!

Melissa said...

Haha, whoops? Let's pretend I know how to spell, and it was intentional.