Monday, November 28, 2005

WARNING: It's a Craft Post. But also, Water Buffalo Yogurt is Mentioned

Right. Hi. I make stuff?

Now that we have that out of the way, today, I give to you my first attempt at creating clay switchplate covers.

I know, I know. But I have fun, so shut it.

Without flash, followed by with:

My search for excellent switchplate covers started when I forgot to return to the "Home" section of Anthropolgie when I was visiting Chicago in the summer.

The suckers above were made with a clay that you can bake in the oven to hardness. I rolled out the clay, and used a cover as a template. I then got me some rubber stamps, and pressed them into the clay. Then, bakebakebake. When they came out of the oven, I painted them all over with acrylic paint, and used stamp pad pigment over that.

I'm pleased with how they turned out, but must confess that I left a little too much clay in the centre bar part, and they don't freaking fit over my plugs. Thankfully, though rigid, they're still pliable enough to take an X-acto knife to, so I'll be able to make them fit.

Did I ever tell you that the two adults who I bought my place from left Holly Hobby switchplate covers on a number of the switches when they handed it over to me? And that they didn't actually have any children? Well, I just did now.


So a friend in Chicago has discovered the wonder that is Water Buffalo Milk Yogurt. And I've been longing for it ever since.

Guess what? It's not available any where near me. I know this because, as a Private Investigator, I looked into the matter. I paid visits to my local grocery stores, looking in both the Organic and Full of Chemicals dairy sections. Additionally, Star Hill Dairy's website doesn't list any Canadian retailers. Furthermore, I saw that they listed Whole Foods as a US retailer, so I emailed my closest location and asked the Food Concierge (Food Concierge! Holy crap!) if they carried the lovely, playing hard to get yogurt. They, unfortunately, do not.

Being a Rocket Scientist, I am well aware that dairy gets angry if it is kept out of it's natural refridgerated environment for too long, so shipping is pretty much out of the question. And don't give me any of that dry ice reasoning. I refuse to hear it.

I reckon I'm just going to have to go back to Chicago to visit. There's no other solution.


Roro said...

At the risk of looking a blog-stalker, I must tell you that your switchplate covers ROCK. They are gorgeous and I covet them. Confidential to Queen Katicus - perhaps it's time for another commission?

Holly Hobby freaks me out. Where's the girl's FACE, man??

Melissa said...

Lady, you're so kind. I may have to wrangle you into a focus group to test out a plate or two when I'm satisfied with the results.