Thursday, November 03, 2005

An Entertainment Haul, Oh My, Oh My!

I received an unexpected gift card today. So sweet, the givers! So lovely, the givers! So greedy, am I, because I used it all on myself.

What was my haul, you ask? Why, let me tell you!


  • Written In Rock: The Rick Springfield Anthology - Rick Springfield: Okay, when I talk about enduring crushes, this one is really the pinnacle of them all. My first rockshow? Rick Springfield. CNE. 1982. Yes, I was 8 years old. And I have never stopped loving him. And dude? He's returning to General Hospital on December 2nd!
  • Live It Out - Metric: intelligent rock music that you can shake your ass to. Love, love, love. And also, love.

  • Dead Like Me - Season 2: Dead Like Me is one of my special favourite shows. Special favourite! So, of course, it was cancelled after its second season. That makes me sad. I now have to watch Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds and Callum Blue on Related. It's not the same. I may also be spying on Ellen Muth's EBay activity in hopes of scoring some of the stellar pieces of George's wardrobe for cheap that she sometimes, apparently, offers up for sale. Who knew?
  • Arrested Development - Season 2: Arrested Development. Need I say more?

Confidential to Rose & Kate: Serenity is being released on DVD on December 20!


Roro said...

Dude! How big was that gift card???

Sounds like quite a haul - we must discuss Dead Like Me. I know nothing of it, but love Mandy Patinkin. LOVE.

p.s. Thanks for the Serenity tip!

p.p.s. I can't believe half of Starting Over was pre-empted for the Gomery Report. I can read about that shit ANY time - Lisa's turn on a dude ranch was a one-time thing!!

Melissa said...

An unexpectedly large amount? I was flabberghasted, then delighted, and I might have clapped my hands together in glee.

I shall endeavour to bring in the first season of Dead Like Me in to work on Monday. I will make Kate our DVD mule. I hope she doesn't mind.

Gormery-schmormery! I was mad when I got home and started watching! I was delighted, however, that the cowboy followed Lisa home and made her continue to work. But that lady is a trainwreck amoungst all of the trainwrecks in that house. I really hope she gets the boot.

PS: I was also quite fond of hearing Alison screech, through her tears, "I WANT TO LIIIIIIIIIIVE!"

Roro said...

I am Kate's purse sherpa - I think she can take a turn being the DVD mule.

I am horrified by Lisa. I finally saw the whole jewellry misadventure today and was gleeful that she might get sent back to South Beach - but it appears that they've let her stay at least another week. Rats!