Thursday, November 10, 2005

Pumpkin Masala? Don't Mind if I Do.

Really. In fact, I'd be delighted!

Last night, a friend, her Melbourne-dwelling (Melbourne! I lived there! And last night, I became very nostolgic) houseguest and I went out for dinner.

The Location: The Bread Bar at Tabla. God, how I love it when high end restuarants open up less expensive children restuarants. Especially when they're located right inside the same space. Served tapas-style, the food was excellent. And more then reasonably priced. And, talking about the food...

The Eats: Green tomato pakoras; chickpea curry; cauliflower curry; rosemary naan; garlic naan; chutney sampler; white rice; and the dish that completely made the night for me: pumpkin masala.

Oh pumpkin masala. To you? To you, I pledge my love. Anyone have an excellent recipe for this dish? Because I feel like I need to be able to make it. And fill my ravenous stomach with it. For the rest of my days.


NomDiPlume said...

Hi Melissa,
I have never had the pleasure of making your acquaintance in realtime, but please consider yourself as having a fan in DC. You happen to be the "next blog" from mine, lucky for me. I enjoyed reading a few entries on your blog, so on a whim I browsed your site. I love "through a screen"! It looks like one of those badass impressionist pixilated paintings. Anyhow, rock the fuck on!!!!!

Melissa said...

You, mister, are very sweet. You are also making me laugh at the idea of blog neighbours. I wonder what kind of neighbour I'd be labeled as in our neighbourhood. Probably the one who never mows her lawn.