Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just a Hollaback Girl

My left hand pinky, that is. It really just refuses to think for itself, and mindlessly follows the lead of my ring finger. Which means that when I hold something in my left hand these days, it cocks out like I was some kind of lady who lunches, sipping tea from a cup made of fine bone china.
Thankfully, the head cheerleader finger hurts less today then it did yesterday, which hurt less then Wound-day Friday. This is good, sausage-like swelling aside.

I'm starting to think that my injury posts are my own style cat blog. And this disturbs me.


Roro said...

Melissa - it disturbs me too. When you start having "Discount Medical Gauze" ads on your Google Adsense, you'll know you have a problem.

Finally catching up on Starting Over - I'm sad the dog is gone.

Melissa said...

At least it isn't a craft post?


I can't wait until you get to Lisa's Board of Review. That's some good shit there.

Roro said...

Ooo! (rubs hands together delightedly). Guess I'll have to do some extra laundry folding tomorrow, just to catch up on the S.O. drama. Sooo many missing socks.