Monday, August 13, 2007

I Fall In Love A Lot, I Know

I am a fickle soul. Especially when it comes to coats.

I am also thinking about autumn and winter already. And this coat, by Gr.Dano.

But, really, can you blame me?


Peter said...

Kind of looks like it's a couple folds away from becoming an origami tulip.

Peter said...

But it's very stylish and I really like it. Very pomo!

Melissa said...

It is very architectural, isn't it? I have come to the conclusion that I like clothes that look like buildings. And buildings that look like clothes.

B & B said...


I have two problems with this blog.

First, the capitalistic overtones are, frankly, offputting. Conservationism is much more P.C. Therefore, could you confirm how every purchase affects your carbon footprint? Even better, before every purchase, think: WWAGD? (What Would Al Gore Do?) For example, I doubt Gore buys the Pufferfish.

Second, the blog is blatently sexist. Handbags. Coats. Vegetarianism. Home-made Ice Cream. Real dudes don't like these things. Could you at least do a token post on cigars and scotch?


Melissa said...

I challenge you to a duel, kind sir. I will meet you tomorrow at noon. At Culloden. Bring your pirates.

Peter said...

My condo building kind of looks like a tube sock. Does that mean you'd like it?

For some reason, that coat made me think of the Guggenheim when I first laid eyes on it, even though there's no overt resemblance.

B & B said...

I accept your challenge. I like my chances. If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times: never bring a handbag to a pirate fight.

Melissa said...

Whatever on you, Dude. My handbag is home to my musket, and you know I never leave home without either.

Peter, I feel like I would like your tube sock building as long as you tell me that it has a stripe of red and a stripe of blue up near the top floors there. Even if you had to lie. Also, points to you for Guggenheiming this post.

Peter said...

Well they're actually fuchsia and teal, but hopefully that's close enough. And the bottom floors can sometimes smell really bad.

I find you can pretty much eventually work either Guggenheim or Hitler into any thread, depending on how well it's going.