Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today Has Been A Good Day

  • Former co-worker(s?) and always friends Kate and Rose are over from the west coast for a few days, and they're slaving away in my workspace.
  • And talking about former co-workers and still friends, June Li from ClickInsight also made sure to show her lovely face in our office space.
  • Current co-worker, currently on maternity leave, Lucy came in for the first time since starting her leave and introduced us to her new little man. He's an adorable flirt already.
  • PUFFERFISH HAS ARRIVED. Ellen from Bonspiel has an amazing talent. Review written and posted to ChickAdvisor.com.


June Li said...

Hey Melissa,
'Twas fun indeed yesterday!
Sorry I couldn't chat with you today...meeting, meeting, meeting. We'll have to catch up soon...

Melissa said...

Damn straight we do, lady.

Ali said...

I agree - this is a really cute bag. Great find!

ambika said...

I *love* Bonspiel. The bag is awesome.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Ambika! I love the Bonspiel to distraction. Tasha, my hair stylist, saw the Pufferfish yesterday and squealed, so I made sure to pass along one of Ellen's cards. I love pushing the things I love onto the people I know will love them too.