Thursday, August 16, 2007

Because We Covet

A Photo Essay dedicated to Brent.

From Kara Janx' Fall 2007 Collection - the Tuxedo Dress

I am an enabler. SoyQuick's Soy Milk Maker.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy to play Toronto, again, right quick. Because, Brent, Capitalism Stole My Virginity.


roro said...

I think those tuxedo dresses would look mighty fine at a gay wedding cabaret, missy.

Melissa said...

Best reason to buy anything, EVER.

B & B said...

I've been hosting some family here in England for the last little while so am just seeing this post now. Where do I begin? We don't differ on the coveting, you just covet the wrong things. Tuxedo dress? Soy milk maker? Where are the Boss suits and homebrew kits? You can't have a gay wedding cabaret without them.

Melissa said...

What, a tuxedo dress isn't manly enough for you? It's a TUXEDO dress, dammit.

You are hard to satisfy.