Thursday, August 09, 2007

Celebrity Sexual Positions. Plus, Pufferfish.

Am delighted that The Knights of Prosperity returned to TV last night. Love everything about this show.

Also, to celebrate my own awesomeness, I bought a new bag. I figure she'll do much to keep my Retrodelic company. Handmade, and one-of-a-kind, made by the talented Ellen from Bonspiel. Say hello to the Pufferfish:

I can't wait until she arrives!


Peter said...

Not that I am in any way expert in these matters, but that bag exudes class.

I think I might go celebrate your awesomeness too and buy myself something. Unfortunately, I'm the man who has everything and am hard to buy for!

Melissa said...

If you're ever at a loss for something to buy yourself, you can always buy something for me.

Or, I could give it a think and come up with something for you to buy yourself. Because in a parallel universe, I feel that I'm a professional shopper.

Peter said...

Well you know, I have had this inexplicable urge to buy you something, partly because of your genuinely and consistently high level of awesomeness, but also because I'm sort of an uninvited houseguest here. I had thought of this hand-made retro apron (probably the coloured polka-dot one) - except that they seem to say, I'm a 1960s independent-spirited woman, but in practice I'm a good little Mrs. Ward Cleaver. But I guess being retro it says something more like, if you actually see me this way, I'll have you on your back and wincing in pain in about 5 seconds. Maybe I'd be safer with a scented bowling ball, although it's getting a little cliché now.

Melissa said...

It's almost too bad that my parents raised me up to not accept gifts from strangers.

As for feeling like an uninvited houseguest, this here blog's a party and everyone's invited. If I didn't want people to read it, I wouldn't be self publishing to the freaking Interwebs!

Peter said...

You were well-raised. It really sucks being a stranger sometimes.