Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It Was Like an Episode of Lost

But totally not.

On the Edmonton - Hamilton leg of my flight home today, I sat across the aisle from a corrections officer. Who sat beside a prisoner being transported. In ankle and wrist shackles. Who sat in front of another corrections officer.

It made me think about how, if the plane went down, it would probably be in the middle of Manitoba. And it would be damn cold. And the polar bears? Would probably be real. A little of their beaten path, but real nonetheless. And I was disappointed. Especially since neither Choooorlie from Party of Five (you know he will ALWAYS be Choooorlie from Party of Five) nor Sayid nor Sawyer or Jin were seated anywhere near me.

And then I opened up my book (the latest Max Barry) and plugged into the on-air entertainment system, and whiled away the hours until we landed.

There were SUVs with flashing lights awaiting the prisoner transport on the tarmac. And no polar bears.

The end.

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