Wednesday, March 08, 2006

An Early Grave. And I Am Doing It To Myself.

Control freaks (read: me) are driven to frustrated distraction by things outside of their (read: my) control. And I swear to god, the time spent stewing in irritation over such matters? Is time that is just being shaved off of my allotment on this here planet.

And yet, and yet, I can't stop my hands from turning into claws when I walk through a shared space and see cupboards and drawers ajar for no reason. Or coffee dumped into a sink and not rinsed down the drain.

Hands! Into claws!


A bargazillion lifetimes ago, a brilliant band recorded and released one of the best rock and roll records ever. EVER. Did I say ever yet? Because, baby, I mean it.

Tricky Woo's Sometimes I Cry made me sing along, and shake my ass, and sing along and shake my ass AT THE SAME TIME. The band then went through a couple of line-up changes and a streak of bloated psychedelia which confused me to no end and made me question whether or not the world was spinning on its correct axis.

This year, with 3/4th of the Sometimes I Cry line-up back on board, they're back to on-stage rock freakouts and I feel like the band that made me want to fuck shit up is back. And that the world is a-okay. And I feel very emphatic about it. Have you noticed?

Cravats! Facial hair! Getting up in the morning just to get down!

Oh, men of the Woo, I do love you. Welcome home.

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